Man Who Found Bobbi Kristina Brown Unconscious in Bathtub Speaks Out

94.5 KOOL FM

By Shannon Carlin

Bobbi Kristina Brown is still in the hospital in Atlanta,“fighting for her life,”according to a statement from her family, but the man whofound Brown unconscious in her bathtubon Saturday morning (Feb. 1) is now speaking out. Mainly, to clear his ownname.

Max Lomas, who is a friend of Brown’s,was charged with drug and firearm possession on Jan. 14 after cops were sent to his house on allegations that he had drugged his girlfriend and was holding her against her will. This caused many to wonder if Lomas had anything to do with Brown’s current condition.

But,Lomas’ lawyer reached out toPeopletodeny his client’s involvement, stating,”He is devastated by the news of her medial condition.”

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Lomas’ lawyer also say says even though his client has had legal trouble in the past…

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