Music: The 15 Best Dancehall Singles Of 2014

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Over the past few years, Dancehall music in Jamaica experienced a bit of a downward slop when it came to creating massive hits. But in 2014, despite not making an outstanding international impact like they once could, the singles that were released proved that the core of Dancehall was still present and that it wasn’t planning to go anywhere!

The all-stars of the year were no doubt Vybz Kartel (who remarkably is maintaining his grip on the genre’s forefront despite being behind bars for multiple years), controversial newcomer Alkaline and Popcaan. The former has been taking notes from Addi Di Teacha with his explicit-laced lyrics, while the latter proved why he’s one to watch thanks to his debut album — last summer’s Where We Come From.

When putting all of this in consideration, though, who really did control the Dancehall scene in 2014? Well, keep on reading to…

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