The Curious Case Of Rick Ross

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Randy Miramontez / Shutterstock.comRandy Miramontez /

Rick Ross has survived.

He has been besieged on all sides- rap fans, 50 Cent, and his own body- and, in spite of this all, he has persevered, even flourished in this strange new world.


In this article I will endeavor to unravel the case of rap’s unlikeliest kingpin.



Rick Ross trusts us now.

He lets it all hang out. You’d be hard pressed to find him wearing a shirt these days, or, frankly, giving a fuck. He’ll shout-out pears. He’ll be a part-owner of a chicken-wing franchise. He will so clearly favor Meek Mill over Wale that you’d be forgiven for forgetting Rick Ross even has a vested interest in him.

He’s letting it all hang out. But it didn’t use to be this way.

He used to lie. Like any rapper, he gave us the notes we wanted. He disguised his…

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