Monitor Boss Explains ‘Restructuring’

The Frying Pun

This is entirely a parody. It has everything to do with what you are thinking about as long as you can prove it.

Prof. Gibson is pondering whether to quit or see out his contract at Monitor Publications Limited. Net Photo. Prof. Gibson has been the busy man with the axe.

This evening, Piga Panga meets Malcolm Gibson, the one someone called “72-year-old” but whom we prefer to call the Monitor Publications Limited executive editor, standing at the steps of Monitor. His temple is glistening with sweat. In his hairy left hand is a huge axe from whose wedge drips blood. He rubs his brows with the back of his right palm and growls: “It’s restructuring, stay away!” At his feet are the bloody restructuring letters of Don Wanyama, Chris Obore, John Tugume, Richard Wanambwa, Dennis Kawuma… in his pocket are a few more letters.

“Just a few questions is all… just to clear the air on these things, you know…” Piga Panga says, stifling a constipated wind…

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