Indie Bites of Goodness: “Bars Over Everything III: The Goodfella” – Wordsmiff [NEW TRAILER]

The Library

The road taken of a visionary is usually one taken in solitary.

Brooklyn native, Wordsmiff, has released the trailer for the highly anticipated project “Bars Over Everything III: The Goodfella“. The visual was shot and directed by the talented Julius Stukes, along with co-direction from Wordsmiff himself.

The lyricist, who has made significant waves in the underground music scene with his 2014 release “Bars Over Everything II: The Savior“, follows up with a concept that rings so true for many of us who are tired of any restrictions that stand in your way. The trailer creatively depicts the meaning of making your own rules and banishing the holds that society places on you, while beautifully portraying the new direction that this visionary is taking musically.

In short, the anticipation for BOEIII is UNPRECEDENTED and we couldn’t be more excited! The project is set for release…

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