The Silence Surrounding Barack Obama


shutterstock_182565377-570x310 Credit: Everett Collection

Perhaps unlike any President in American history – certainly in modern times – Barack Obama began his tenure with hope beaming from the faces of a nation. That word “hope” had been emblazoned on the posters that filled up the nation’s streets, hoisted outside the houses of his supporters and waved during his glorious, historical inauguration. In contrast to previous Presidents, here was a man who inspired change (quite literally) from the get-go.

Not unsurprisingly either. George W Bush, his predecessor, had by the time he left office become the most unpopular, controversial and (in the case of millions of people, American and not) despised man to ever have the privilege of holding the office. The musical community in general were no exception to this rule. In fact, the pop stars and music-makers – maybe more than any other demographic – reserved a special section of their…

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